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Applications are currently the most important channel to reach passengers using public transport. mdv apps have already been downloaded several million times over and provide public transport users all the most important information in a simple and efficient manner.

Our journey planner is structured into different modules and can be customized to fit the needs of any region quickly and easily. In fact, only a few weeks separate a client's order from the first download in the store! All clients benefit from the many mdv apps that already exist on platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and others. These apps undergo continual development and are backed up by our customer support team. These synergy effects keep the apps up to date and provide them with new features that usually come free of change.

If specific changes or customizations are desired, an entire range of functions can be implemented into the apps. Due to their modular structure, the apps are very flexible and can meet all the requirements set out by our clients. This customization begins with a smart design where we take a client's CI and integrate the it with the paltform design guidelines. Even the app features can be adapted to fit a client's wishes and provide users what they know from the web interface.


Journey Planner

Our journey planning apps include all the important functions that customers expect.

  • Main functions: journeys, departures, network maps, etc.
  • Ticket purchase in app (depending on ticketing system)
  • Fully real-time capable
  • Display of incidents and notes
  • Interactive maps
  • Journey companion ('public transport navigation')
  • Quick accessability for passengers to view incident messages or for marketing purposes
  • etc.

Several functions are not available in all of our apps, so please speak with us about a specific idea you may have in mind.


Cycle Route Planner

Of growing interest in many regions is mdv's cycle route planner. These apps have been specially tailored to plan journeys specific to cycling and cyclists. For example, they recognize which streets and paths are suitable for bikes and display the type of street and amount of traffic. Special tours are available for leisure bike riding which include a whole range of additional information about the tour. There is even a route companion that ensures that one does not stray too far off the intended route.


Multimodal Apps

We also provide apps that compare public transport and other means of transport. these so-called 'multimodal' journeys are calculated for cars, bikes, walking and public transport, but can also be mixed forms like Park&Ride, cycle transport on trains etc. There is even a feature to compare alternatives based on various criteria like time, Co2- or calorie consumption.



In addition to the apps intended for end users, we also provide B2B solutions. One of these is our "AVM Light" app, which is operated with a mobile phone mounted in a bus. Using this app a driver can view the progress of the trip, any delays and any interchanges and connections - all this at a far lower price than a customary AVM system.

Please contact us if you are interested in what our mobile apps have to offer - we would be more than happy to discuss possible customizations and future uses!

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