Internet Journey Planner

Despite the unimpeaded progress of mobile platforms, the internet journey planner for classic desktop PCs still plays an essential role in providing passenger information.

mdv provides clients with customized interfaces and an API using an XML basis, which enables clients or third-parties to build their own layout for the electronic journey planner.

The internet journey planner includes the following functions:

  • Departure board
  • Route searches
  • Vehicle visualization
  • Personal schedule (My Timetable)
  • Customizable options for personal journeys
  • Fare advisor

The journey planner fully integrates real-time-, geo- and infrastructure data, making it possible to find a journey from any street address to a famous landmark based on real-time information from the public transport and road networks. Footpaths can be displayed in detail inside stations to assist at interchanges and be set so that passengers with limited mobility are also fully accomodated.

All interfaces are developed using HTML5 technology, which enables layout content and display to be structured to match the requesting platform.

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