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NAMOREG is an information platform for Baden-Württemberg and the City of Stuttgart that makrs it possible to quickly and easily make a realistic comparison of routes with different modalities.
Internet users can access the website from home or in the office and mobile users can download the app (Android/iOS) to plan journeys on the go.

The following functions are available:

  • Complete integration of dynamic IT- and PT real-time data in the route search
  • Comparison of route variants with different means of transport
  • Option to plan intermodal routes (Kiss&Ride, Park&Ride, …)
  • Display of up-to-the-minute traffic alerts and the current traffic situation
  • Display of the current parking space availability at parking garages

By integrating dynamic PT and IT data, the NAMOREG information platform helps users make easy-to-follow and realistic comparisons between possible route variants with different modalities/means of transport. whether on foot, by car or on public transport - the NAMOREG journey planner always finds an optimal route based on the available data.

Case Study: Integration of Dynamic Transport Data - Information Portal NAMOREG

The fastest route to the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin

Article from mdv-news I-2006

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