Transport Information

The increasing need for mobility is one of the 21st century's greatest challenges. At least part of the solution is providing passengers with high-quality and seamless information and the ability to control the flow of passenger and vehicle traffic.
No longer is transport information only about the fastest public transport route or the shortest way from point A to B by car. Now it is just as important to have a flexibly operating intermodal approach to transport with real-time information.
mdv's innovative and powerful products and services provide transport authorities, associations, and operators with the tools they need for such a comprehensive transport information solution.

EFA (Electronic Journey Planner)

The EFA is much more advanced today than when it started back in 1985. Now the journey planner searches for routes, even across and beyond international borders, taking all available transport options into account based on a highly dynamic database that undergoes daily changes.

The range of options available to passengers to obtain information from EFA has similarly improved and advanced. While journey planning is still available over the telephone or in the internet on a PC,

mobile journey planning while en route has outgrown all other media. This surge in mobile journey planning has made it possible to take the information provided when a journey was requested by a user and update it along the route.

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The "classic" timetable on paper with DIVA

Despite smart phone technology and electronic departure board displays, print products are still widely required for stop timetables, timetable books and mini timetables. However, they need not always be printed, but rather provided electronically on smart phones or as an e-book.

Using DIVA, the presentation of a timetable can be augmented with additional information. In this way, stop area maps can be automatically generated and integrated based on the current geographic data.

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