In the Vehicle

Driver Terminal

The driver terminal is a smart phone app for the Android operating system and can be installed onto any Android-compatible smart phone. In the vehicle itself, only a mount and a power supply are required for operation.

The driver terminal provides the following functionalities:

  • Login to duty shift, block or individual trips
  • Display of current route, next stop and timetable position
  • Information to ensure connections
  • Communication with the control center
  • Navigation with map display


A commercial GPS-Tracker is used to determine the exact location of a vehicle and relay the information to the control center. The setup consists of a GPS antenna connected to a GSM/GPRS modem, which transmits the vehicle's location mesurements in regular intervals via a secure radio link from a network server to the AVM server.

The option to use a vehicle's existing GPS antenna and add a modem also exists.