School Transport Management

School transport makes up a large part of the passenger revenue for public tranport and thus provides a solid economic basis for transport authorities and associations. Particularly in more rural regions, regular transport routes have to be supplimented with school bus routes and taxi companies in order to transport students to schools. In a school catchment area with several thousand students, manual editing and organization of school transport is prone to error. In addition, the time and personnel costs associated with manual editing involve a great deal of resources. The completely web-based software packet 'FreeRide', developed by mdv, supports transport planning in this responsibility


FreeRide offers:

  • A database-supported solution to manage localities, school and students as a basis for school transport planning
  • Application management with semi-automatic application check to approve reduced ticket prices or exemptions
  • Creation of form letters and tickets using individually defined templates
  • Support for the planning of student routes and for the creation of trip lists for taxi companies
  • Connection to the EFA journey planner to support the application check and trip planning
  • Creation of statistics for costs reporting

With these and other capabilities, FreeRide is a mdv software solution that meets the individual needs of each client and makes the management of school transport more efficient and less error prone.

Free travel cards for pupils and trainees

Article from mdv-news III-2003