Control Center

The control center interface is completely web-based. Using a secure connection to the background system an employee can acccess the control center interface from anywhere. Dedicated software is not required on an employee's client PC. The control center interface is able to display multiple views simultaneously, which makes it possible to use more than one screen to gain a better overview of the current transport situation.

The following functions are available in the control center:

  • Vehicle Management
  • Driver Management
  • Timetable Monitoring and Forecast Calculation
  • Visualization of Route Options and Vehicle on the Map
  • Connection Management and Guarantee
  • Communication with the Driver
  • Incident Monitoring
  • Statistics and Analysis
  • Administration

The system is multi-client capable, which enables common use of the AVM system for several authorities. To avoid conflicts, user group access and editing role can be uniquely defined for each dataset. Common data like public transport stops can be viewed and edited by all involved, regardless of affiliation, whereas in-house data like timetables and delays can only be viewed by employees of the respective operator.

If required, MENTZ can provide a fully hosted control center as a service, so that transport services no longer have to be responsible for operating the software.