Vehicle Monitoring - AVM Light

In a modern transport company it is essential to know the current location of all available vehicles and overall operating situation at all times. This serves many purposes. In a control center, planners need to have an overview of all vehicles that are currently in productive trips, their position in the timetable and the number of vehicles available for deployment in order to take direct control of running operations, if required. At the same time, important figures like kilometers travelled, puctuality and reliability are recorded for the operating statistics and accounting. Finally, the current vehicle positions are compared to the planning time forecasts to calculate the actual arrival- and departure times to provide exact passenger information and guarantee connections.

All of these tasks can be performed by the AVM (automated vehicle monitoring) system by MENTZ. An AVM consists of a vehicle component to capture the data in the vehicle and the interaction with the driver, a wireless component to relay the data between the vehicle and the control center and the control center itself.

Until fairly recently, the vehicle- and wireless components required special hardware to be built in and on the transport vehicle. A typical on-board computer was only produced in small quantities and represented significant costs to purchase and install. Through the use of modern consumer electronics combined with an intelligent software solution developed by mdv, we were able to drastically reduce costs and yet still provide users with the full range of functions.

The vehicle component consists of a standard PDA with an Android operating system and an autonomous operating GPS tracker.

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The data are relayed over a mobile phone network from the vehicle to a central server, which provides a complete web-based control center interface for planners. mdv’s AVM is client-capable and supports all standard real-time interfaces from VDV, SIRI and RTIG.

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