DIVA is used to create a range of print products quickly and easily. Particularly in the weeks leading up to a timetable change, using DIVA ensures a smooth transition into the new year.

The "publisher“ module is part of DIVA Web and runs in a browser. Any number of employees can work simultaneously. Automatisms make otherwise tedious work easy. With the right preparation most work can be done with just a few clicks.

Once created, all print products can be directly printed to paper, used for assembly of larger items (pre-press) or downloaded as a file onto a mobile device.

All products are specially configured for users to correspond to custom designs (see image).

The main print products are
•    Timetable books, flyers, booklets
•    Stop timetables
•    Fare information

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Bilingual publications

DIVA und EFA in Holiday Destination South Tyrol

Article from mdv-news 1-2014

Stop Timetable

Click here to download different layouts for stop timetables

Munich Transport and Tariff Authority (MVV), Transit and Tariff Association Stuttgart (VVS) and Donau-Iller-Transport Authority

Timetable books

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Multi-stop timetable

Click here to download different layouts for multi-stop timetables