Asset Management

DIVA has been used for many years to manage a full range of properties for a public transport stop. Yet these attributes are mainly concentrated around passenger information.

The new DIVA Asset Management Tool was specifically developed to help transport planners define and manage customized attributes for stops.

A public transport stop consists of physical objects like a stop area, a shelter, a street light, rubbish bin etc. Many stops also have glass cases used to display stop timetables. A stop can be in good, fair or poor condition.

With this module, a transport company or authority can enter and manage unlimited information about their stops.

The client administrator defines an attribute (stop shelters) and the values assigned to it (e.g. concrete, metal, glass, not available). A transport planner then determines for each stop whether a stop shelter exists and assigns a material to it. If the stop is somehow damaged, its condition can be protocolled in DIVA.

In sum, DIVA Asset Management is an intelligent and flexible tool used to edit and manage public transport stops.

Case Study: Suffolk County Council Uses the DIVA Asset Management System