NextTicket: simple, flexible, fair

The idea is logical: a customer only pays for the route that they take on a bus or train. For passengers, it’s quite simple. A tap in their smartphone app signifies the start, and a second tap at the destination ends their trip. For ticket controlling, the system automatically sends authorization to a passenger’s mobile that expires when they exit the vehicle at their final destination.

Hop on and off

Passengers can easily check in and out using the VRR NextTicket app. Simply confirm the stop and you’re off. After arriving at your destination, tap on the screen to end tracking.

Virtual Ticket

Trip authorization can be accessed at any time in the app and can be shown to ticket controllers. The virtual ticket expires after check out.

Guaranteed Best Price

The system calculates the fare based solely on the route travelled. At the end of the month, all fares are recalculated. Customers receive a detailed invoice of the costs.