Want to take public transport without having the right change or knowing which ticket to buy? Using the MENTZ smartphone-based E-ticketing systems makes buying tickets more convenient than ever.

NextTicket: no coins or paper money required

Jump on the train, get off at any time and always at the best price. A tap in the app and the right ticket automatically appears on your smartphone. The check-in/check-out-system by MENTZ makes using public transport simple, flexible and fair.

NextTicket: intuitive smartphone app

MENTZ developed an intuitive smartphone app for E-ticketing. With a few taps, passengers can check in and out, book additional passengers and upgrade to first class. The big advantage is fairness: customers are guaranteed to ride for the best price available. At first, they pay for single trips, but at the end of the month the fares are recalculated. If a weekly- or monthly pass would have been more cost-effective, the system reimburses the difference.

Fully-integrated into EFA

MENTZ provides the app, the EFA system to analyze the tracks and calculate the fares, as well as a ticket shop for the check-in/check-out-system (CiCo). The new E-ticketing system has been test operation in the Rhein-Ruhr Transport Authority (VRR) since the beginning of 2018.

GPS signal and locaization at stops

Behind the slick interface is complex technology. In order to provide the best price, the EFA system tracks the route taken by bus or rail. GPS localization shows a user’s position on the interface. In addition, the system localizes passengers at every stop passed on their trip. Tracking also works underground and thus does not require additional infrastructure.

NextTicket guarantees data security

Customer data is secure. The NextTicket app does not save movement profiles. Personal data and movement data are saved separately and on different servers. Movement data are deleted after a few days and are only temporarily saved to assist customers if they encounter errors and need to contact support

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The Smartphone Ticket by MENTZ

Using the new e-ticketing app by MENTZ, passenger can find the right ticket quickly and easily. In order to develop such a technically complex product, MENTZ leaned on its distinct expertise in the areas of EFA, DIVA, fares, mobile applications. The result is a harmonious one-stop-solution that surpasses other systems with regard to the key attributes of integration and usability.

Seamless user guidance
Mobile ticketing is often a combination of modules from various providers – with the danger of technical disruptions. MENTZ developed a system that could be seamlessly integrated. The previous extra step in user guidance when switching between the app and the ticket shop is no longer required with the MENTZ smartphone ticket.

The solution was to develop an in-house system, that had all the required functionalities and be able to flexibly react to new requirements. The app also has a simple user interface and works in concert with our Companion app for journey planning.

One app, every ticket
Using the app, e-tickets can be purchased through the journey planner and a ticket selection list. The system has full customer management with a registration option and account management. Every available ticket – from single trip tickets in different forms and validities to all-day tickets, to purchase of strip tickets - can be purchased with just a few screen taps and are deducted from a set account by a payment service provider.

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