Dynamic Data Integration Platform (DDIP)

When compared to scheduled data, real-time data requires increased demands of data management. Dynamic data, which can change in an instant, must be continually collected, processed and distributed, if possible, without any latency time between data supplier and data consumer. For these and other tasks MENTZ developed the dynamic data integration platform, abbreviated DDIP. The database-driven system is able to collect the real-time data of multiple suppliers, integrate the data and deliver subsets of the integrated datasets to subscribers. This function is called

Multiplexer Mode

Another option exists to transfer data directly from a supplier to a consumer. This function is called

Proxy Mode

DDIP supports all the current standards and established real-time protocols. In Germany these standards include:

  • VDV 454AUS/REFAUS for journey planning
  • VDV 453DFI/REFDFI for control of displays
  • VDV 453ANS/REFANS to guarantee connections at interchanges
  • VDV 453VIS to relay vehicle locations

The European standards are:

  • SIRI ET/PT for journey planning
  • SIRI SM/ST for control of displays
  • SIRI CM/CT to guarantee connections at interchanges
  • SIRI VM to relay vehicle locations
  • SIRI SX to transfer incident messages

Using web-based interfaces, all desired data streams can be configured, the required permissions given and running operations monitored.

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Dynamic Data Integration Platform (DDIP): Our Central Data Platform for Real-time Data

Article from mdv-aktuell II-2010