Data Management

Data management is the basis for the operation of all types of journey planners. Data are

  • Infrastructure data of the public transport network like stops
  • Public transport timetable data
  • Geography data for all modes of transport (individual transport, on foot, with a bike, motorized, public transport)
  • Real-time data for public and individual transport.

DIVA is a system used to collect infrastructure data, timetable data and geographic data, check and control the quality of their contents and to prepare them for journey pllanning systems.

Real-time data that display the current location and time slot of vehicles, are plotted in the vehicle monitoring or event management systems, or in the case of indevidual transport, they come from particular sources of street traffic monitoring.


The dynamic data integration platform DDIP is a system used to collect this data from the various suppliers and to control and relay them to journey planning systems and all other types of passenger information displays.

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