Transit Ticketing & Fare Collection in Europe - Virtual Conference

Various international companies will present modern mobility solutions in 12 online sessions. 30 expert talks will kick off discussions on the current and future challenges facing the industry.


5-6 May 2021

09:30-16:00 CET

On 6 May at 11:25 CEO Christoph Mentz will present the CiBo system developed by MENTZ.

Check-In/Be-Out (CiBo) in Practice

Buying tickets for public transport should be simple and convenient to make it an attractive and customer-friendly mobility alternative. What if a simple ticketing system could resolve the different pricing structures, sales channels, and complex financing models between transport companies and the authorities responsible for them? MENTZ offers a smart solution that has already proven itself in practice: CiBo. Tap into the system and then simply exit the vehicle at your destination! Billing is fully automatic and with a best-price guarantee. Customers will love the flexibility and stress-free journey CiBo offers. And transport companies, transport associations, and public transport authorities will benefit from CiBo’s reliable billing with maximum transparency.

Additional information about the GMT online conference “Transit Ticketing & Fare Collection in Europe” as well as registration can be found here: GMT Conference