Whether it's hiking, mountain biking, geocaching, running in the Munich company race, "observing" the famous Oktoberfest or celebrating at the annual Christmas dinner – at MENTZ there are many chances to pursue sporting activitities or to hang out with other colleagues in a relaxing atmosphere. In doing so, we not only share projects, but also memories and experiences with one another. These occasions also provide good opportunities to get to know colleagues from other areas a bit better and to grow together to form an even stronger team - a team that is a colorful mix of people from different parts of the globe, that have different personalities, that work loyally and responsibly with one another and one that builds good chemistry together.

The co-workers at MENTZ are versitale, funny, interesting, sporty, open-minded, professional and collegial, and a good reason why we work well as a group and enjoy collaborating with one another.

Our friendly working atmosphere is reflected in a unique transfer of knowledge: aside from the various training offerings, we learn most from one another. Any one of us can pose a question to another, more experienced colleague and will always find an answer, helpful support or a cue to a knowledgable contact person. Just like the mutual support in our project dealings, we also advance our knowledge of technical matters in our daily work exchanges.

We believe that diverse, challenging work is only half the story. The other half is an amiable working environment, which developes as a result of a strong sense of team. As colleagues at MENTZ, we have both.