Yuliya - Support and Projects

Yuliya, how long have you been working at MENTZ and what did you do previously?

I started my vocational training at MENTZ in September 2013 and have been working as part of our international support- and project team. Before coming to Germany, I studied business ethics in St. Petersburg, Russia. During my studies, I worked in international projects and in public relations.

What are your current responsibilities at MENTZ?

My work spans a range of different areas, each requiring responsibility and persistence. Be it helping our team complete requests for proposal, customer support for our systems (DIVA and EFA) or supporting the use and testing of our mobile applications - it is important to me to give my best and provide high quality assistance.

What have you learned in your time at MENTZ?

From a technical perspective, I have learned my way to navigate around our software products (DIVA and EFA). In addition, I have been able to build on my knowledge of data processing and the basics of project management. From a more personal view, I have learned to react quickly and positively and be more proactive when it comes to facing new challenges.

What do you like about working for an employer like MENTZ?

I think it is important to take steps each day to grow and develop both personally and professionally. Every MENTZ employee has technical knowledge, but also has something that makes them unique. This, when merged with the values of a family business, is what makes MENTZ special for me.