Rainer - Project Manager

Rainer, how long have you been working at MENTZ and what did you do previously?

I started working as an office supervisor in April 2008 at the MENTZ subsiduary in Vienna and then moved to our Munich office after about a year and a half. After my studies in geography at the LMU Munich, I continued working in the Department of Geography.

What are your current responsibilities at MENTZ?

As a project manager I betreue mit meinem Team einen Gro├čkunden in allen Belangen und Anforderungen. I am involved in all processes, be they technical, quotation processing, process management, but also in the technical implementation of individual domains. Part of my job as a project leader is managing personnnel and mastering the processes using the most appropriate means.

What have you learned in your time at MENTZ?

In addition to the continuous, technical development, project management is a ongoing learning process that I can see and experience each day.

What do you like about working for an employer like MENTZ?

We work in teams and that is important to me. I can stand by what we do 100%. The public transport system is sustainable and environmentally-friendly. The work I do is complex and interesting, which makes each day a unique challenge. The working environment is outstanding, colleagues treat each other almost like family.