Kara - Software Developer

Kara, how long have you been working at MENTZ and what did you do previously?

After finishing my degree in mathematics, I worked as a consultant for a software company in logistics- and warehouse management until I started at MENTZ in 2011.

What are your current responsibilities at MENTZ?

As a system developer, my current focus is on projects relating to contract management. I am involved in the entire development process from beginning to end which spans from the specification phase to implementation. I also accompany the project all the way to its successful implementation on the client's system.

What have you learned in your time at MENTZ?

Particularly at the beginning of my time at MENTZ I learned quite a bit about the programming, implementation and integration of modules in large integrated systems.

What do you like about working for an employer like MENTZ?

MENTZ encourages us to work independantly, which promotes flexibility when organizing my work. A friendly-family atmosphere with colleagues, the Mentz family policy of an open-minded company culture along with a number of cool activities in the Summer and Winter makes for good variety and excellent morale.