Andreas - Divisional Manager

Andreas, how long have you been working at MENTZ and what did you do previously?

I have been working at MENTZ since February 2002. During my studies of geography, land use planning and remote sensing at the LMU Munich I also did course-related work at a part-time job editing traffic news.

What are your current responsibilities at MENTZ?

As a divisional manager at MENTZ I am responsible for support and projects for our international clients. In addition to being a liaison for clients in Australia, Ireland, UAE, UK, USA, etc., my duites involve the acquisition of new clients and projects within the scope of international call for tenders and requests for proposal. The responsibility for award procedures comprises the eintire process from preselection (EOI, PQQ) to the actual tender (ITT) and the often protracted negotiation procedures and presentation phases, which end in the signing of a contract. All the while I enjoy the resposibility of supervising a great team of colleagues from all over the world, who approach me with a wide range of questions, problems and concerns each and every day.

What have you learned in your time at MENTZ?

In addition to leaning how to manage IT- and software development projects in a timely manner and the process behind implementing international tenders it was important to exercise a good deal of patience and understanding, directed both towards clients during rough project phases and internally among members of the team.

What do you like about working for an employer like MENTZ?

With our products we are promoting the use of public transport and that is sustainable. Our team is paramount to our success and we have a family-like atmosphere at work. Colleagues are able to grow and develop and we support further educational opportunities. MENTZ offers a complete package.