The Company

Christoph Mentz (Managing Director) and
Dr. Hans-Joachim (Senior Research Manager)

MENTZ is a globally active, medium-sized family company headquartered in Munich. Today, over 40 years after its founding in 1972 as 'Mentz Datenverarbeitung GmbH', the company renamed 'MENTZ' in December 2015, is still solely owned and led by the Mentz family.

The goal of our business operations is sustainable development and long-term success. This only works effectively with the ongoing cooperation of our customers that help make qualitatively and technically leading products combined with the best service in project management, training and support.

The majority of our profits are reinvested every year in our most important assets: our colleagues and our products. In this way we are able to grow slowly and steadily over the years - fully financed from our own recources.

Today MENTZ has over 160 employees and was able to achieve a turnover of over 17 million euros in 2014.
In addition to our main office in Munich, MENTZ operates branch offices in Stuttgart (South-West), M√ľnster (North) and Berlin (East), which assure the all important close proximity to our customers, even in the age of video conferences and remote maintenance.

Outside of Germany we are represented by our subsidiaries in Vienna, Zurich, Melbourne (Australia) and Ipswich (England). In North America, the sales and distribution of MENTZ products is carried out by our partner company MENTZ Transit & Traffic Solutions Inc.

MENTZ is involved in the drafting of future standards as a member of various industry associations, national and international standardization committees. These are the "Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen" (VDV) and the European Commitee for Standardization for the exchange of real-time data (SIRI).

As both a company and a member of society we take on responibilities that reach beyond our core business. Every year, MENTZ provides finacial support to non-profit organizations and projects in Germany and globally. Recipients in past years have included: UNICEF, Munich Theater for Children, The Academy of the Munich Philharmonic, the foundation 'Wings for Life', an orgainization dedicated to spinal cord reserch and The Center for Children's Palliative Medicane of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.